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Club History

The club was originally formed in May 1984 when after several previous attempts, Keith Hill, who played at Wadebridge and Bodmin, finally gathered sufficient local support to make his dream of a bowling green in Camelford a possibility. After various meetings and discussions the first "formal" meeting was held at the RAOB Club on the 2nd August 1984.
Several locations in the area were considered for the green (College Road, the Old Cricket Field, Enfield Park and the Old Cattle Market), but these were all too small. Finally a piece of land at "Jetwells" was generously offered with a peppercorn yearly rent of £1.
After a lot of hard work surveying the site, drawing up plans for the green, planning permission was granted in October 1985.

Now money needed to be raised as the estimated cost of a self-build bowling green was in the region of £18,000. A monthly club lottery was set up but it was necessary to seek grants and loans. Substantial support came from North Cornwall Sports & Recreation Council, Camelford Town Council, South west Sports Council and Cornwall County Council. Club members also show their faith in the project and 9 of them were guarantors for the sum of £1000 or £1500.

In January 1985 membership had grown to 70. During the year 16 members made the trip to Hayle Indoor Bowling Club for coaching and roll-ups.

Work commenced on the green in March 1986. The majority of the work was carried out by a voluntary work force of 15 members. It was not until thev21st may 1988 that the green was officially opened by Mrs Ann Richards. The subscriptions for 1988 were £25 (£20 for over 65's), Students £10 a joining fee of £25 which was repayable on leaving the club. The following year (1989) the subs were increased a £1 to cover the cost of the county handbook and a roll-up fee of 10p was introduced.

In 1991 a building fund was commenced with a £1000 donation from Harry Hall. Members and visiting clubs helped raise money by buying a block. Grants were obtained from Camelford Town Council, Cornwall County Council and from North Cornwall District Council. Green fee were increased to 20p and a joining fee of £15 which was no longer refundable.

The foundations and block walls to the clubhouse were commenced in January . Timber framing was completed on the 10th March. A grant of £6500 was received from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts this saw the end of an era. the last caravan was finally removed from site and left memories of teas on the the lawn and praying it didn't rain. The ladies raised funds to completely fit out the kitchen. A bar was installed and was to be called the "Oasis".

On the 11th February 1995 Camelford was appointed the County Ground for Cornwall for 5 years starting 1996. The Club members decided that they wanted to use the clubhouse socially during the winter months and so mats were purchased to play Short Mat Bowls. Later to be called Lanteglos Short Mat Bowls Club.

This is only a precis version of the birth of Camelford Bowls Club and many names and events have been omitted due to space but it is hoped that a full version can be printed for all to read.  
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Building the Green

             Oct 1985 S Hamley & L Kent
           Clearing trees to form Gateway 

                Starting to level the site

             Peter Buck surveying the site

                Arrival of the first caravans

June 1986 Bonzo old faithful with his master Fred Jeffery

              June 1986 Putting in marker pegs

Bonzo oversees the leveling of the gravel on the green. You can see what is under the gras

         Bonzo oversees the leveling July 1986

YTS boys on work experience help level the green 

                      Ditch Bases 

     Oct 1986 Many more barrow loads to go

    Mixing soil & sand to be laid on the green

Pat from Jetwells gives a hand with tractor & trailor

                      Stuart lining it up

          Weeding on hands and knees

   Mountain of soil dispersed, laid and seeded

 May 21st 1988 All work done by members & helpers

                  Moving soil from site

 Blockwork laid - Mountain of soil on the carpark

June 1986 Keith Hill vibrating the drainage channels 

                       August 1986

        April 1987 Eric Hill lending a hand

April 1987 S Allen, E Hill, sitting  K Hill, A Sharp 

                  Weeding and destoneing

Keith Hill, "Nink" Brown & Jim Baker with first mower

Building the Clubhouse

        Work starts on the Clubhouse

      Foundations dug out ready for footings

         Footing Blocks set ready for laying

 Blockwork laid and oversite ready for concrete

              Damp Proof Membrane laid

                     Laying the DPC

          Inner timber frames being erected

      Concreting clubhouse floor by the members

       Timber frame interior walls being erected

           Roof trusses laid ready for tiling

                             Roof Tiled

                Outer blockwork being laid

  Roof tiled and outer skin of blockwork finished

          Starting to lay the under floor insulation

Clubhouse being used before the wall are completed

              The Merry Building Gang

        Laying the wooding flooring

             Washing the rubber flooring after                                 construction work completed 

                Constructing the Oasis Bar

          Timber floor sheets nearly laid

  The clubhouse finished. Note cabin still on site

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